Sleep apnea therapy can use oral appliances as an alternative to CPAP. Oral appliances have been registered by the FDA and may be used to treat sleep apnea when administered by a qualified dentist trained in Dental Sleep Therapy.

Dr. Martin Denbar has used Oral Appliance Therapy to treat sleep disordered breathing for over 19 years in the Austin area. He has treated over 1,500 cases, ranging from the simplest to the most difficult. As the only general dentist that is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine in Central Texas, Dr. Denbar has completed hundreds of hours of continuing education, lectures nationally, and trains other dentists in this field.

The Clinical and Billing Aspect
of Dental Sleep Medicine

Dr. Martin Denbar has over seventeen years of clinical experience in Dental Sleep Medicine utilizing the Thornton Adjustable Positioner treatment system. Nationally, he is one of only a handful of dentists with in-network provider status for most major medical insurance carriers.

When looking for a seminar on how to get paid for Oral Appliance Therapy, it is interesting to note that few of the instructors are actually in-network providers. This seminar teaches you how to maximize your patient's benefits and therefore maximize the growth of your Dental Sleep Medicine practice.

Why you need to be an in-network provider?

Paid in Cash
Out-of-network Provider

In-network Provider

Your office requires full payment at time of treatment which severely reduces the number of patients accepting treatment.

Out-of-network status reduces patient reimbursement by 30%.

Maximum patient benefits obtained.

High patient acceptance.

Out-of-pocket expenses for patient at the time of treatment could be as low as their co-pay and your office is reimbursed the difference within weeks.

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This is the future reimbursement model of Oral Appliance Therapy and this seminar helps guide you to your ultimate goal of successful reimbursement.

The emphasis of this seminar is the business side of Dental Sleep Medicine. This seminar includes how to bill and be reimbursed, developing your in-network status and how this new field is different from the business model of your dental practice. By having your insurance staff member present, you are able to get the information your practice requires for a successful Dental Sleep Medicine practice.

Limiting the class size also allows for a unique learning environment. This seminar also allows you to obtain the personalized in-depth instruction for your particular office situation.

Seminar Attendee Comments:

This is a course that I would highly recommend to any dentist interested in learning about treating sleep apnea. The information presented is applicable to newbies and veterans alike. Unlike the myriad "cookbook" courses out there, this course focuses on integrating the diagnostic, clinical, medical and business aspects in a way that makes sense. While no one can turn you into a ABDSM Fellow overnight, Dr. Denbar will get you to think and act like one, which, in my humble opinion, is the next best thing. - Arnel J. Gallanosa, DDS

I just completed a course with Dr. Martin Denbar in Austin, Tx. regarding insurance billing, how to become an in-network provider and the TAP system from initial patient contact to seating and appliance follow-up. On day one, you and your insurance person learn the ins and outs of working with medical insurance, and then learn the process of becoming an in-network provider and its benefits. Dr. Denbar will go over the basic script of what to say and who to specifically contact. I believe that going in-network with most insurance companies will give you a definite advantage and make it much easier for the patient and referring physician. I have found that it takes a lot more than just some medical billing software to get paid on a consistent basis. He will also go over how to establish yourself with Medicare and in what capacity. The rest of the day is spent on the TAP appliance including complications and in-house modifications. Also, he'll go over how to handle the new patient from initial contact to the seating appointment and follow-up titrations using oximetry. Dr. Denbar will advise you how to handle physician communications and work with insurance companies while you're setting up the in-network process. In all, I thought it was an excellent course and it will furnish you with a franchise like system for your sleep practice. This is an advanced course and should be taken after learning some basic theory and having some clinical experience. You can visit for more information. This guy has a lot of experience under his belt and will do just about anything to help you achieve a successful and profitable sleep oriented practice. - Harvey R. DDS

- It was very good, relative to giving the practical "nuts and bolts" of this developing discipline in dentistry. Dr. Denbar is trying to train dentists and their staff how to develop this greatly needed area, in the "right" way.

- Great job of providing excellent information that is truly helpful. Very worthwhile. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

- Dr. C. C. and Office Manager - Kentucky

- This course is just what I needed to take the knowledge I have obtained from other courses about the science of sleep medicine and integrate it in with the clinical and business aspects of dental sleep medicine. Dr. Denbar will save our office innumerable headaches in getting reimbursed for sleep appliances. Dr. A. Waco, Texas

- Excellent!!! Dr. L. Houston, Texas

Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into the Friday Seminar. I left feeling prepared to make the first step. I downloaded the "Diplomat" requirements and have started diving into them. This field is exciting for me and I am looking forward to learning all that I can. I can see how much you have learned over the past 17 years and are still leaving. You are my "Role Model" and "Mentor". Thank you for all the ground work you have laid and are still paving for this field. I am excited about the future. With much appreciation and thanks!
Dr. C. Houston

Thank you very much for a wonderful course! J & I learned so much from you and Lisa. We learned things about dental sleep medicine I have not heard about in many hours of continuing ed courses in sleep!
Dr. E. Dallas

One Day Seminar - Friday

  • Class size limited to 6 dentists plus one staff member each.
  • Proprietary handbook provided.
  • The lecture on the business model of Dental Sleep Medicine is designed for the clinician and office staff member.
  • Treatment tips gleaned from 18 years of experience using the TAP system.
  • Learn to understand the dynamic between all the moving forces involved in Dental Sleep Medicine and how the dentist fits in.
  • Understand how to become an in-network provider and have your staff member receive personalized insurance and billing instruction.
  • Develop a better understanding of the medical-legal implications and "medical model" vs. the "dental model" you are used to.
  • Learn the business of Dental Sleep Medicine.

More About This Seminar

This seminar is an all-day class learning the business of Dental Sleep Medicine and how to incorporate it into your practice. All course material has been gleaned from Dr. Denbar's present practice and 17 years of experience. Gain insight into how to become an in-network provider and how to successfully submit insurance so that your office can also accept the patient's insurance assignment. You will learn useful chairside and clinical tips from Dr. Denbar's extensive experience using the TAP system.

Additional topics for the dentist and staff member include:

  • Appliance selection: which and why
  • Treating complications
  • Physician interaction
  • Combination therapy
  • Treatment nuances
  • Marketing ideas
  • Insurance contracting insights
  • Day to day front desk questions
  • Unique business plan profile

The course material and accompanying proprietary handbook can give you the ability to jump-start your Dental Sleep Medicine practice and provide an increased clinical and business capability to benefit your patients and your office.

This seminar is not sponsored by, associated with or in any form speaking for Airway Management or any other commercial vendor. All course material has been gleaned from 18 years of chair-side experience, is proprietary and the intellectual property of Martin Denbar, D.D.S.

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Please call our office 512-338-8120 for our fax number.


Austin Sleep Apnea and Snoring Therapy provides an alternative to CPAP therapy for snoring and mild to severe sleep apnea.

Insurance Assignments Accepted:

Our dentist, Dr. Denbar, is a Medicare and medical insurance in-network provider for most major medical insurance carriers.

Advanced Dental Sleep Business Seminar

Dr. Denbar is teaching an advanced billing and clinical seminar in Dental Sleep Medicine. This Dental Sleep Continuing Education (CE) Seminar focuses on medical insurance reimbursement, business principles and the clinical aspects of this field. This course picks up where most clinical courses end and guides you through the practical business aspect of dental sleep medicine while illuminating the medical-legal implications.

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