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Enuresis and obstructive sleep apnea in adults.

CHEST 1998;114(2):634-7


Division of Pulmonary, Sleep, and Critical Care Medicine, Rhode Island Hospital and Brown University School of Medicine, Providence, RI 02go3, USA

Adult enuresis is an unusual symptom of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Although it is described as a classic symptom of childhood OSA, enuresis is encountered infrequently in adult sleep medicine. Five adults with enuresis associated with sleep apnea presented to our Sleep Disorders Center. In all five cases, the onset of enuresis was associated with the progression of sleep apnea symptoms. In each case, the enuresis resolved with treatment with nasal continuous positive airway pressure. Current medical literature on the postulated mechanisms of nocturia and enuresis in sleep apnea is reviewed. Based on the experience of the authors and review of the medical literature, one may conclude that severe OSA may lead to new-onset enuresis in adults and that effective treatment of OSA is associated with resolution of enuresis.