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Sleep Apnea

Epworth Sleep Scale

Sleep Disordered Breathing and Sleep Apnea Quiz

Take this simple test that is universally used by physicians as a simple guide to see if you have a sleep disorder problem.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is used to determine the level of daytime sleepiness. A score of 8 or more is considered sleepy. A score of 11 or more is very sleepy. If you score 11 or more on this test, you should discuss the results with your personal physician.  When answering the questions, consider the answers only if you have not had any caffeine for at least 24 hours

Use the following scale to choose the most appropriate number for each situation:

0 = would never doze or sleep
1 = slight chance of dozing or sleeping
2 = moderate chance of dozing or sleeping
3 = high chance of dozing or sleeping