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Two Day Dental Sleep Business Seminar

Dr. Denbar is teaching an advanced seminar in Dental Sleep Medicine. This Dental Sleep Continuing Education (CE) Seminar focuses on the clinical aspects and business side of this field. This course picks up where most clinical courses end and guides you through the practical business aspect of dental sleep medicine while illuminating the medical-legal implications.  An integral part of the seminar is teaching Combination Therapy using an Interface.

The seminar now offers training for the dental assistant. Dr. Denbar’s experienced assistant will teach the basic dental assisting techniques needed to assist the doctor with his therapy and laboratory procedures for the TAP oral appliance.

Day 1 (Thursday)

  1. Class size limited to 2 dentists plus one staff member each.
  2. The lecture on the business model of Dental Sleep Medicine is designed for the clinician and office staff member.
  3. Treatment tips gleaned from 27 years of experience.
  4. Learn to understand the dynamic between all the moving forces involved in Dental Sleep Medicine and how the dentist fits in.
  5. Refine the business of Dental Sleep Medicine for your office.
  6. When downtime allows, discuss this new field and how their office can fit in, answer any and all questions from office design to treating edentulous patients without implants, to practice development and more.

Day 2 (Friday)

  1. Complete hands-on event learning Combination Therapy with an Interface for doctor and assistant.  You will be fit with the Interface and wear with CPAP, learn how to adjust the CPAP to proper setting and more.
  2. Learn laboratory procedures for repairs, OA alterations to fit the patient titration needs for you and your assistant.
  3. Review how to interpret oximetry testing and how to apply the results to your patient.
  4. Go over any and all topics to your satisfaction.

    One hour of phone consultation after seminar.

More About This Seminar

This seminar is an all-day class learning the business of Dental Sleep Medicine and how to incorporate it into your practice. All course material has been gleaned from Dr. Denbar’s present practice and 23 years of experience. Gain insight into how to become an in-network provider and how to successfully submit insurance so that your office can also accept the patient’s insurance assignment. You will learn useful chairside and clinical tips from Dr. Denbar’s extensive experience.

Additional topics for the dentist and staff member include:

  1. Appliance selection: which and why
  2. Treating complications
  3. Physician interaction
  4. Combination therapy
  5. Treatment nuances
  6. Marketing ideas
  7. Insurance contracting insights
  8. Day to day front desk questions
  9. Unique business plan profile

This seminar is not sponsored by or associated with any commercial vendor. All course material has been gleaned from 23 years of chair-side experience, is proprietary and the intellectual property of Martin Denbar, D.D.S.

For information please call (512) 338-8120 or (512) 636-8120.

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