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Sleep Apnea

Combination Therapy with CPAP

Combined Therapy for Sleep Apnea Using CPAP and the TAP-PAP Interface

If Oral Appliance Therapy, CPAP, or surgery are not successful by themselves, we are still able to use a different therapy with a high probability of success. This treatment is called Combination Therapy using an Interface. The Interface is an FDA device that connects your CPAP to the oral appliance with no headgear or chin strap.  Full freedom of movement is allowed so that you can still sleep on your stomach, back or side with comfort, lower more comfortable treatment air pressures, and less movement of your lower jaw.

Using an Interface removes the need for head and/or chin straps, pressures are usually reduced 40-50%, virtually no air leaks occur and you have the ability to still sleep on your side and stomach.

Dr. Denbar is one of only a few dentists on a national and international basis with significant clinical experience with this therapy. He has performed this procedure with hundreds of patients over the last 20 years and is now teaching doctors this technique.  During this time he has been one of the more significant publishers on this procedure in the medical world and developed techniques making this procedure available for patients with Fibromyalgia, with no teeth, TMJ issues and other medical issues that can hamper conventional therapy.